Gears Of War 4 Review – A Fitting End For The Series?

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The "Gears of War" series is one of the console defining games of the Xbox 360. Combining great visuals with satisfying cover based 3rd person shooting, it provides a thrilling action packed experience, whether you play alone or with friends.

The third game in the series promises to provide us with a satisfying conclusion to the games story line, as well as giving the multiplayer modes a new coat of paint and ensure that you'll have fun killing Lambet and Locust for months to come.

I have personally never really been all that into Gears of War. I played through the first game and found it to be enjoyable enough, but it did not set my world on fire and make me yearn for the sequel. So when Gears of War 2 came around I actually ended up giving it a pass. It was therefore with some shoulder shrugging that I greeted the announcement of Gears of War 3. I had no doubt that it was going to be a competent shooter, but I did not think it would really be for me.

But as more footage of the game was shown, I was really blown away by how gorgeous the game looked, and how fun the gameplay appeared to be. I realized that in the years since the first Gears of War, I had not really played any 3rd person shooter that presented such a smooth and polished experience as the original Gears did.

This lead me to ultimately decide to pick up Gears of War 3 and give it an honest try. And I'm glad I did.

First off, you should know that this is a really really good looking game. It's not Battlefield 3, but it's one of the best looking games I've seen on the Xbox for sure. And it's not just in terms of the quality of the graphics that Gears 3 impresses. Throughout the campaign you will be travelling through many different landscapes, from destroyed cities to green forests, and the change of scenario does a great job of showing off the bells and whistles of the graphics engine.

And it is a great campaign. Aside from looking great and taking you to lots of different places around the war ravaged world of Sera, the game delivers a well crafted story that adds a lot of depth to the caricature-like COG protagonists. You'll see a whole new side of the former "Thrashball" player Cole, as he visits the decrepit ruins of his home town.

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