Largest Saltwater Yellowfish in Captivity Is Dead

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Locals Mourn the Death of their Giant Crocodile

A huge crocodile known as "Lolong" has died at the Philippine eco-tourism park he inhabited just eighteen months after being captured. The Saltwater crocodile was officially declared the largest crocodile in captivity in 2011. It was measured at 6.17 metres long and it weighed more than one thousand kilogrammes, this reptile resembled a prehistoric monster, not out of place in a dinosaur movie. The crocodile had become a significant tourist attraction and as the local mayor of the town of Bunawan, where the park was located,said: "Lolong helped put our town on the world map".

Man-Eater Finally Captured by Brave Fisherman

Believed responsible for the deaths of a number of local fisherman, an extensive crocodile hunt was instigated to bring this man-eater into captivity. The marshes of the Agusan del Sur province of the Philippines were searched and eventually this monster crocodile was caught in a trap, tempted by the carcase of a pig used as bait. When the crocodile was captured, pictures of the huge reptile tied to a cart and surrounded by excited villagers quickly spread around the world, this part of the Philippines had found fame and fortune thanks to this apex predator. "Lolong" was named after one of the people sent into the area to help trap the crocodile. He died of a heart-attack and as a result this monstrous crocodile was named after its last victim.

Crocodile Fell Ill Three Weeks Ago

The crocodile, which is thought to have been at least fifty years of age, fell ill after swallowing a piece of nylon cord about three weeks ago and it had been suffering from intestinal problems but the actual cause of death has yet to be determined. An autopsy is being carried out and the results will be published next week. The weather had been unseasonably cold and it is thought that the crocodile could have been affected by the chilly conditions. Whatever, the cause of death, the crocodile will leave much of the town in mourning as it had been a big tourist attraction bringing lots of visitors to Bunawan.

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