The Jungle Leopard Gecko

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One of the best leopard gecko morphs is the jungle leopard gecko. It gets its name from the wild and unique patterns and colors. Jungles are some of the most exotic and unpredictable morphs.

They are hard to classify because no two jungle leos are exactly the same. They can have spots or stripes, and come in all different colors. They are known particularly for sometimes having diagonal stripes, a trait you won't see in any other morphs.

The one clear way to tell that you've got a jungle is by its tail. They have a unique tail pattern with dark bands that don't go completely around. Sometimes, this is the only way you can tell that it's a jungle.

Why Leopard Jungles Are Tough To Breed

Breeding jungle leopards presents a special challenge. Which exact traits create the jungle morph is not known exactly. It isn't known whether they are recessive or dominant traits.

Many jungle leos don't show any jungle patterning at all. Then, their hatchlings will show the tell-tale signs of the morph. Often, hatchlings won't appear to be jungles until they reach full growth.

This is why jungles are so rare and special. Breeding them is a challenge.

Jungle Leo Varieties

There are lots of different types of jungle morphs. Jungles have been bred together with other morphs to create patterns and colors that are unique.

One of these is the "four eyed" jungles. Around their eyes are white circles, and two more circles with black dots above them make it look like they have four eyes. Four eyed jungles are more common than other.

The bandit jungle is another type. Its one distinctive features is a black band that runs somewhere on the face, usually between the eyes and the nose.

New morphs are constantly being created, like the swirl jungle. They are named this because of the swirls of red, orange and yellow that appear all over the body in random patterns.

Jungle albinos are also popular. These leos are a mix between jungle patterns and albinos, so that they have no black pigmentation whatsoever.

The jungle leopard gecko has become a very popular morph, and they are essential for any collector.

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