Born and raised in Texas, Logan Kim’s artistic abilities have exploded since the age of 5. After seeing the “Mission Impossible” movies, he knew he wanted to be a part of the mystery, action, stunts and excitement that films can create. In a local theater, he landed the role of “Smee” in “Peter and the Starcatcher”. The director let him improv and share his thoughts to help the scenes flow, and this pivotal moment helped him realize he was born to act. He branched out and began dancing tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop for eight years. Within three years his dance skills grew to the competitive level. His love for art extends to 3D digital art, where he is currently working towards mastering.

Logan can also be seen in 2020’s serialized remake of “The Princess Bride” on Quibi which featured celebrities at home during quarantine, in which he played “The Grandson.” 

His father, an architect from Seoul, Korea moved to the U.S. for college, and his mother, a nurse born in Texas, had the opportunity to let Logan chase his dream of acting, quickly met his manager, and the rest is history.   Along with his dance troupe, he has assisted and performed in nursing homes and children’s homes. He plans to continue to work with programs to help children with Autism, as he and his family have personal experiences working with and taking care of those that are affected.

Quote from director/writer Jason Reitman:

“Logan had never really done a movie before,” says Jason, “And yet, the moment I saw his audition tape, he just popped off the screen. He’s just one of those naturally gifted comedians who is as talented vocally as he is physically.”  

“His character is reminiscent of Ray Stantz,” Jason continues. “He’s  into the metaphysical world and the whole history of spectral phenomenon, so he is immediately excited about any opportunity of ghostbusting.”

“He’s a very quirky character, and that’s why he gets along with Phoebe (played by Mckenna Grace) so well,” says Kim. “He’s an outsider, but he has interesting things about him, like how he has like his recording and he makes a podcast about conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, the Loch Ness monster, all that great stuff. When he meets Phoebe – someone else who pops out that also doesn’t fit in, he connects to her immediately and that starts a funny relationship between them.”


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